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Hammer Films – The Unsung Heroes

Hammer Films - The Unsung Heroes



The Team Behind the Legend
by Wayne Kinsey

Foreword by Barbara Shelley

Available only in a limited individually numbered hardback Collectors’ Edition.
ISBN – 978-0-9557670-8-1 (Hardback)

HARDBACK – Individually numbered Collectors Edition

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This is the real Hammer story: An oral history detailing the fascinating biographies of Hammer’s key players, many telling their stories for the first time in all new interviews specially commissioned for this book. This is their fascinating story. From the lowly tea boy to the most vociferous producer, each made their own unique contributions to a group of films that have since achieved cult status around the world. We will learn about their trade and their achievements but above all see their valued place in the Hammer puzzle that became the envy of the British film industry.

The key to Hammer’s success were these talented individuals. A group of unsung heroes and experts in their fields, they came together by chance to form a well oiled machine producing lavish looking features at miniscule budgets. For some, their work at Hammer would be the stepping stone to bigger things (even Oscars!); all moving on to make major contributions to international film and television.

Crammed with blood rare behind the scenes photos, read this and you’ll see why Hammer’s films achieved a standard that other rival companies could only dream of. Written by the highly acclaimed Hammer expert Wayne Kinsey, this book goes where no book on Hammer has ever gone before!

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