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The Story of Rank Films: The British Hollywood

Rank Gong


by Kiri Walden

Rank were the only British studio able to rival Hollywood, turning out hundreds of films that are now recognised as cinematic classics. The Rank ‘man with a gong’ became eponymous as a symbol not just of the company, but of British film during the golden age of British film production. Rank established an empire that dominated every aspect of British film making. From the training of starlets and handsome young men at his ‘Company of Youth’ through to the shooting, distribution and screening of films at the film studios and cinemas that he owned, Rank had control over each step of the film making process.

Undoubtedly, Rank had put film making in Britain on the map and created an industry that still thrives today. This book will use archive materials and interviews with Rank employees from both sides of the camera to open a window on what it was like to work on a Rank Organisation production and better understand Rank’s huge and lasting influence on film-making in this country.

For the first time, this book will focus on and evaluate the creative legacy that Rank created, supported by extensive illustrations – many never seen before!

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