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Singing Without Straining the Voice

by Elizabeth Cooper

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This book is an indispensable and practical guide to protecting and improving the voice.

The gift of a beautiful voice is one to be preserved until old age, and will give great pleasure to the singer and the listener alike. This book will enable the singer to be able to sustain a clear tone effortlessly throughout a rehearsal or performance. The advice offered here will be invaluable to both solo and choral singers, and applies to all kinds of singing. As the voice is a living organ, understanding and exercises are needed to keep it fit just as the rest of the body does. This book provides the secrets and techniques that some singers have paid great sums for!

About the author:
Elizabeth Cooper was trained as a pianist, singer and viola player at the Royal Academy of Music, London. Very soon it became clear that Singing was to be her prime study, and after graduating she became a Sub-professor of Singing and Aural Training. After several years as a Soprano , broadcasting many recitals for the BBC, singing in opera, oratorio, and recitals in Britain and Europe, continuing teaching Singing privately. Elizabeth is one of the UK’s leading singing teachers, and she has also directed operas, oratorios and concerts, and founded two youth choirs and a youth orchestra. After a career teaching at The Royal Academy for more than 30 years, Elizabeth has taken up Recorder playing, and has written three books of pieces for that instrument, two books of piano pieces and a Sonatina for Recorder and Piano, all published. She still has many private students.

“I have used Elizabeth’s technique every day… I am still singing all over the world forty four years later, which is testament to the fact that Elizabeth’s technique works. Whether you are in a choir or aspire to become a professional soloist, this booklet will help you sing to the best of your ability.
Anyone putting Elizabeth’s technique into action will see an immediate improvement in his or her singing – I and countless pupils of hers are proof positive that it works! ”
Katherine Harries
Director of the National Opera Studio


Sing Without Straining Your Voice
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Sing Without Straining Your Voice
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